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Player ID: 137291
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Regeneration : -234
Luck : 72
Energetic immunity : -214
Trade sense : -213
Briskness : -109
Initiative : -143
Defence : 4433
Attack : 2680
Power : 567
Woodcutting : 9
Finesse : 1
Herbalism : 13
Waterhandling : 1
Volition : 177
Cartography : 19
Filtering : 0
Sun God Armour
Medusa Ceremonial Armour
Enigma Set
Principle of Syntropy = 4000
Darkness Principle = 4000
Principle of Imagination = 4000
Element Principle = 4000
Principle of Balance = 4000
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Battle stats
Won: 4175 | Lost: 5225
Honor: 4969
MindPower: 5

(Lands Of The East)
The oneness of your housing is at 10 %

Am I really even here


First Place Role Play In 1st Paper Contest

:Main Character:

Character Description

(Image may be subject to copyright. Read the note at the end of this page.).
A walking apparition, never stopping for long, always shifting, ever present.  Slowly fading in and out, I wander through as a shadow to these lands.  Given a lifetime of horrors to live in my mind, I seek out any way to release them.  I might attack you, or float on by in a daze of wandering.  Death is the only peace I seek. The sweet release of these horrors that fill me as I walk and as I dream horrors only the Devil should possess.  On the coldest and darkest of nights, you can see shapes like deformed dwarfs, twisted and sown together, dancing around me.  These demons plague my every thought, action, and word.
A slender figure standing about 8 feet tall in height. What you might call a "Tall Man".  While overwhelming in size it's hard to tell just how big or small it actually is.  Almost the look of a shade at first glance. An ever-shifting figure seems to float to and fro across the path and closer to you. In his hand is a tall Oak Mens walking stick purchased from Kriskah Arcanu.  He seems to swell in size the closer he comes.  When you look deep into the almost ever flowing figure you see a set of soft blue, almost gray, eyes that pierce through the soul.  Not glaring, hating eyes, but warm and full of tears. The eyes have no pupils and seem to see everything at once and stare at you enough to make your skin crawl. As you stare into those eyes for what seems like forever the figure appears more manlike.  His muscles seam lean almost skeleton like, yet his aura is that of a mighty, or maybe once mighty, figure of power.
                 The skin has no color or even seems to be skin at all.  More like the black cloak that surrounds him is his skin.  The cloak is ever-flowing even when there is no wind around. Pinned to the cloak is a small lily.  The lilly is black stemed with purple petals.  On the purple petals are black markings.  A gift given by a beautiful woman named Peace. The face is hard to see.  You strain to make out any characteristics, but all you can see is those eyes that look to you for some release.  The longer you stand in this beings presence you start to notice that the whole body will twitch as in pain from time to time.  From the look of it whoever this person once was endured a lot of pain and it seems to transfer over into the state he is in now.  As you pull your eyes away you can't help but wonder if you will meet this person again.  Judging from his speratic behavior, you can't help but wonder if maybe the next meeting won't be as pleasant.
Image may be subject to copyright
(Image may be subject to copyright. Read the note at the end of this page.).

==========The Traveler==========

"My head hurts more each day as the sun beats down this unending pain.  Damn this place that I am forced to wander.  Some days my mind seems to remember, but as quickly fades away into a thousand screams of pain and suffering.  I should smash my head against a rock until my skull would crack open and release these demons, but alas it does no good for my head would only grow back.  So many question.....so little time to think....must get to the darkness"

"Today I met a man sitting by a tree.  While I was about to assault him he turned and his eyes were black as night and seemed as chaotic as my cloak.  Against my nature I sat down and talked with this man who called himself Zleiphneir.  After a short converastion he asked me to watch his tree while he went for a moment.  Even though I could have crushed him and burned the tree something about his eyes seemed to make me feel a kindred with him.  After a short while the tree began to let off wonderous colors.  Not bright hurt my eyes colors like the sun tends to do, but soft colors that seemed to make the screamin in my head subside a little.  Z returned at the time the colors started and seemed pleased though hard to tell with eyes such as his.  He then walked off again and left me and this tree he called Bob to our own devices."

"Such strange people around that can control the sun and the moon.  I was sitting next to Bob when a woman who said she was the Wind came in, said a greeting to Z, and then proceeded to pull the sun strait out of the night sky.  It was too much for my head to take and all the voices began to scream at me at once to run.  I tore and ripped through anything in my way to get away.  Finding a dark corner to crawl into I waited for my head to explode from the voices.  It never did though, and here I am never seeming to find an end.  The longer I'm here the more it seems the more I realize I don't even know the start."

"Today a man I call my friend had a hardship we all face.  While temporarily not at his duties a great warrior entered the Dark House.  Though his guard is one of utter diligence there was nothing he could do to stop it.  I happened to fall upon shortly after to see the dust of this warriors footprints upon the threshold.  After a small grievance for his error he only further proved his loyalty to his duties be watching until the Great Warrior emerged from the house.  As for this Great Warrior, though not seen by me, is rumored to be out and quite well."

"Some things just don't come easy.  I have made a decision to try and come to some realization of what these voices are.  I will bind myself down in a dark place until I come to an epiphany or come to a horrible death.  Though in order to aquire the bindings I must search for the components to make this pilgrimage of the mind.  A Noble Smith has agreed to make me such items if and when I gather all the components needed.  It is truly a quest to quest."

"I have gathered two weeks in food supply for this journey, but have had no luck as to the components needed to make the spike and chain.  My good friend Willem is aiding in the search and has vowed to gaurd me through what will no doubt be a long and dangerous path.  Ever pressing we march on.  Talking to those we meet in hopes of finding that wich we seek."

"Having found another guardian, a kindly titan named Thomas, I am left with searching for the last component of my quest.  Having searched all over the lands I am able to walk from day to day, and finding nothing, I have made a deal with Yrthilian that he will transport me to Golemus Golemicarum for the duration of a day to search for this component in return of a favor asked at any given time.  A dangerous trade, but I must find this component before the voices drive me past the point of sanity.  So far no luck on the island either but my search ever continues."

"War threatened to tear apart lands and people.  Grido was to invade the land of root, but Raven stepped down.  A Great Time of Change as I call it.  It only further proves to increase the difficulty of my quest exponentially.  Along with this friends have turned rivals, tempers flair, and whispers are said in the background and corners of all lands.  I walk, watch, and listen as always with intent to learn from others mistakes and conquests.  My good friend has taken over the Church, a strange move in which i intend to find out more."

"Having collected all of my components, and my wish point, I sought out Akasha.  With the current troubles happening in the realm and the appearance of a new cube she seemed very distracted.  I asked her about my current quest and she said she would speak with me later when she had the time.  While delaying my quest I understand for I'm sure one such as her a very busy person.  I can only hope that it won't take too long or events won't unfold before I can complete my journey."

"What is to be said about a woman.  They can bring the most hardened heart to call and turn the softest boy into a man.  Once in a great while one comes along of great skill and cunning that wishes to best all men.  When they have found their match is it love or a game.  Perhaps they are one in the same where love is a game that continues until the end of time.  Perhaps it is neither and one simply enjoys the thrill of the chase. Either it is man's ego that will not let him be bested by a woman or a woman's ego to not be bested by any.  Any way it is a long road filled with perils to great to imagine.  A fun time indeed."

"At times I wonder how much control one has over oneself.  We say we are in control yet as a whole we tend to do stupid things without even knowing we are doing them.  We hurt others or say the wrong words, all for the sake of "control".  Perhaps what we should seek out intead is chaos.  Perhaps we should seek out nothing more than the spontinaity that the lack of control has.  Bah, rambling again....damnation to feelings....."

"Today I have contracted a disease from Metal Bunny lol.  During an effort to help lol him he sneezed on me and I now have the "lol disease".   Hopefully a cure can be found soon......lol"

"I fear the voices are growing worse.  My powers are growing stronger, but harder to control.  At rare times they have even taken over my body and done wicked things to hurt friends and others.  I hope Akasha comes up with a plan soon for I fear I may not be able to keep the voices at bay much longer.  If the voices take total control over my body I fear for all those who come near."

"What is to be said about a child.  Just because they are not our size, does that mean they are not as wise?  Just because they are new to this world does that mean they can not learn as fast as us?  A "Little Man" is walking proof that a child may not appear as what they seem.  I have spent long hours hidden away from the light carving a small wooden horse for him.  He has named it Joe and seems to be thankful for the gift.  Perhaps the gift is as thankful for him....."

"Sagewoman tries to calm me at times.  At other she only fuels the rage the voices bring in me.  Having gained a key to her room I now sleep in a bed more than the dark caves that used to be my home.  Having gained mortality for a short time, I now realize just how cold and alone I feel most of the time.  Now having lost that mortality again I tend to be less restless and more driven to ends of means far beyond that of wich I can explain.  Almost in a prophetic way things seem to be spinning further and further out of control.  Or perhaps the anarchy that seems to be growing is only a means to the order I seek?  As all things TIME will tell."

"My latest tyrade seemed to be the worst.  Having had an unusually bad day my temper flaired until Legion himself was unleashed.  A mighty shadow that towered over everything and spoke of destructiong.  I was helpless to stop it, and only through the courage of friends, were they able to overcome the beast before it could reach its true power.  Having suffered such a horrid ordeal and suffering great injuries to my body, my mind knew my body could not survive at its current state.  So I once again found myself faced by a little girl, as I recovered from what seemed like an eternity in the darkness.  Everything seems different now.  Others I see seem to glow in auras as different as the people themselves.  Things seem sharper and more clear than before.  The haze over my mind is gone, but the voices remain.  Will Legion, the mighty, come out again?  I can not say, though I hope something of his likes is never set loose upon this world."

"I am weak.  My creatures, once mighty and strong, now stuggle to maintain as my body slowly regains strength.  Training seems more difficult each day though I know strength does not fade but grows.  My loyal creatures, they do not ask or complain, but serve faithfully in the trust that I will do right by them.  Perhaps at times we should all take a que from our creatures and be a little less to judge and a little quicker to accept."

"Attempting to create a ball of darkness energy has proved less than effective.  The ball was summoned and then proceeded to fall through my hand stripping it of flesh.  After several days of this affliction I ran across Tarquinus, who was willing to help solve the problem.  After brainstorming the alternatives we decended into a dream state where I wove my hand back together from flesh made real through imagination.  I once again have the use of my left hand and am thankful to my new friend....Lucius."

"Day 203 (2009) 2:15:00   Me and Sagewoman mixed the blood of dark and light.  With her light thought to have been out I brought it back in binding us together forever.  A scar that can never be removed now bears forever on my right palm.  She is mine and I hers.  Challenge this and you will find true fear int he wrath I can bring forth from the darkness. "

"I have been selected as the Leader of the Caretakers.  I shall lead and set forth a new era for the Lands of the East.  I shall show the true meaning of what my alliance will bring, and forever forth be a part of these lands.  Tread amonst these lands carefully for the shadows have eyes.  'Welcome to the Lands of the East.  Take nothing but memories, and leave nothing but footprints.' "

Proud father of Darhea, and husband of Sagewoman.  Ever moving forward in the shadows, trying to find what is left to be found.  As Year 5 draws to a close is seems only more questions then answer appear.  The Land of the East, his homeland is turbulant as a mild statement.  It becomes harder by the day to trudge forward in the land, once again showing its barren beauty to the few who are there. 

Ever forward is the slowing creep of winter.  It's cold wind slows down the Land of the East to a crawl.  Its inhabitants stick to the interior and warmth of its buildings.  Some at the pub, drinking and talking of things that have been, and things yet to come.  Others seek shelter inside the temple, trying to find answers in the deafening silence of the great building.  All the while Mur, the demon, creeps along with his plan.  It would seem only he knows the rythem to the chaotic design that appears before us.  As the new year falls over, so shall the land see it's newness.

Some of my creatures
The Night before Murmas

The Nightmare before Murmas
A little horror is always the best just before celebrations of joy.  For this we call up upon
the spirits of those gone and past.  Your nightmare, should you take it, will involve creating
a story about a character from MDs past.  Then you must put them in an nightmare enviroment,
either for you or them. The story must have a complete plot as well as a ending that results
in someone/all death.

The story must contain at least 300 words
The main character must be a MD player who no longer plays
The story must be told in 3rd person, like story tellers at Christmas time
By the end of the story at least one character in the tale must die
All stories must have a plot that is revealed by the end of the tale
All stories must be submitted by 12/31/15

All stories will be posted in the forum.  
There will be at least 2 judges
Like/Dislike will be considered in the judging
Anyone who writes a tale, but gives negative critizism to other tales will be disqualified



1st place: 4 Gold and 4 Christmas points

2nd place: 3 Gold and 3 Christmas points

3rd place: 2 Gold and 2 Christmas points

4th place: 1 gold and 1 Christmas point

All participants will receive birthday cake and tea, 1 Christmas point, and possibly more.

You shall fear the day you crossed me

1.   Those who seek to hurt Tree

I am a Guardian of Bob the Tree

Kamisha- One who claims to be the maker of the empty aramors on Golemus Golemicarum.  Is dedicated to finding a way to make it night and to destroy Tree.  Will never be allowed to seek out accomplishment until after my death.

2. Those who disrepect the Lands of the East (Tribunal)
I am the leader of the Caretakers

As leader of the Caretakers it is my job to watch over the lands.  I am not king, president, or otherwise ruler of the land.  I hold the land dear to my heart and will stop at nothing to keep it protected.  Remember that as you walk amongst my lands. 

"Welcome to the Lands of the East.  Take nothing but memories.  Leave nothing but footprints.  Enjoy the beauty of the land."

Items Owned:

Large Book wrapped in black cloth-A book that writes itself as the Archavists expand on Adventures Log
A Oak Walking Stick-was puchased form Kriskah Arcanu at the first Fair
Dried Yellow Herbs-given by Zleiphneir, a good friend, and a wise goatboy
Black wood smoking pipe-Carved from a the root of a  Mistletoe . A gift from the one closest to my heart.
A small box containing: 1 Silver Scoop for pipe cleaning, a small bristle brush, and an extra pouch of tobacco- Given by Sagewoman.
Key to Room #10 at the Root of the Matter Inn.- A soft bed and a warm woman.  Two things a man can not live without.
Chain of Mercy- Crafted by Kragel and given to me after aquiring the needed components.  A key component to my own personal quest dubbed "Trial of the Mind"
A Lilly- A lilly with a black stem, purple petals, and black markings upon the petals.  A gift from Peace.
A Ledger with the Caretaker's Crest on it- A elegant ledger in wich to keep records of the alliance with.  A house-warming gift from Sagewoman

Gifts Given:

A small wooden horse-Given to Charles the Third for an undisclosed reason.  Carved from a brach out of loreroot trees.
Rough wood smoking pipe-was found in my cloak when I awoke to this land.  Given to Willem with a small pouch of pipe tobacco.

Quest Given:

Shemhazaj:  One blinded in the darkness by my own hand.  After searching near and far for the elusive Yarrow stalks Sharazhad is finally found with it.  Agreeing to help she and him both come to see me.  After a darkness ritual not seen by many in this world, shem now has a new sight on the world.  What things will he be able to see with these new eyes?  Only time will tell.....



Completed Berserker puzzle

Willow Shop guard 1&2

Loreroot guard 1 *strong armed*

 EXP 10,000 over cap.


Completed Berserker puzzle

 Willow Shop guard 1&2

 Loreroot guard 1&2 *strong armed*

Visited Golemus Golemicarum *south and north*

Visited Necrovion *Outer and Inner*

 aquired a wish point

 recieved Chain of Mercy from Kragel for questing.

aquired an Inner Spell Document *Protection level 2*

EXP 42,000 over cap.


Completed Berserker's Puzzle /

Willow Shop Guard 1&2 /

Loreroot Guard 1&2 *strong armed* /

(all of the above was completed in under 15 minutes)

Entered Sage's Keep *while it was closed*

aquired Inner Spell Document *Cures level 3*

aquired Inner Spell Document *Sword Slash level 3*

aquired Inner Spell Document *Black Water level 4*

Was given an alliance- The Caretakers

Aquired 4 drachorns in a single day

Seek and Destroy

Always Prepared for Battle  *Read Battle Ettiqute Below*


If you should ever be unfortunate enough to see through the cloak and to my face......

(Image may be subject to copyright. Read the note at the end of this page.).

(Picture Provided by an old friend)


Battle is truely the only way to live and die for all warriors.  We are born in blood, live for the taste of battle, and die in blood.

The Ways of Balance-  Many people have many points of view on combat.  Some feel you must first lose in order to understand and win.  Others feel you must win at all times, lest you be seen as weak or frail.  I think, as all things in life, a balance should be maintained.  You should seek out opportunities to win whenever possible, but also be willing to accept a loss and learn from it.  You will encounter those who set Tree's up as far as the eye can see for others to train off of.  How can you learn when to challenge is issued?  You must set up defensive ritual that will not be easy to overcome, but be sure to give them weak points in order to see if others can figure out and best them.

Setting up your strongest creatures for all your rituals is a bad idea.  Not only do your weaker creatures not get the chance to gain in their own experiences, but you do not learn how those weaker creatures might overcome the powerful ones.  As a wise man once said, "The strongest chain is only as strong as its weakest link."  Meaning by that is that ALL rituals, no matter how strong they might appear, can fall to pieces at times by the weakest of creatures.

Seek out enlightenment through others.  Many times you will feel like you are weak and not worthy of battle.  Many times you will question your own abilities to wage war.  It is only natural, and often times, shows the true courage of ones self.  Do not be afraid to ask others what they think about your rituals.  Most people are more than willing to help out, and give advice on what to do differently next time.  Training with those who are your friends are often the best ways to learn new tricks.  Friends seldom seek to crush you or your forces, so therefore are more willing to set up rituals you can find ways through.  BEWARE....there are many who seek the glory of your destruction and will stop at nothing to crush your forces every chance they get.

Know the rules of battle.  Just because you are engaged in a blodbath, does not mean you can not be polite.  Even when waging war against bitter enemies, do not act callous or superior.  For indeed you may find yourself on your back for being over-confident.  At times it is far better to appear weak and let your opponent think them to best you, only to find out that you run much deeper than you appear.  Treat others with respect and dignity and you will find yourself returned in kind.  The more enemies you have the less chance you have to train without fear of a brutal assault.

Day 46, Year 5
*Sagewoman*: . walks closer
Phantasm bows as he strikes his dagger into the heart of a priest
*Sagewoman*: o.O Blood thirsty beast
*Sagewoman*: I think I am turned on....and that is sooo wrong in many ways!
Phantasm begins slaughtering creatures left and right : phantasm without mercy kills birds, grasans, trees, elementals, priests
 Screams of at least a dozen dying creatures are heard
*Sagewoman*: Dang Phantasm. Haven't you heard of Over Kill?
All and all 25 creatures lay slain upon the stone alter in Necrovion.
A blood day to say the least.

Page 116 - The Shade Ballance - Kh.
"It is a SHADE!!" All scream in panic and hide behind Khalazdad. "We come in peace!" sais Khalazdad a bit unsure on his words. "Peace..hahhahaa..that will be your doom, human, you need WAR to survive, peace with the shades will only make you more...faded". confused by what the shade said, Khal tries to find out more and als learn more about the shades. ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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