1. A Sword name Dragon Fury - Kill item - Permanent

2. 10 casts of sendtogazebo spell (regenerable)

3. 10 casts of sendtolighthouse spell (regenerable)

4. 10 casts of lockinchaos spell (regenerable)

5. 10 casts of  lockinagony spell (regenerable)

6. 10 casts of summon spell (regenerable)

7. 10 casts of chase spell (regenerable)

8. 10 casts of opennecro spell (regenerable)

9. 10 casts of sendtodeathwhisper spell (regenerable)

10. 10 casts of sendtodeathmarrow spell (regenerable) 

11. Random AP tool (permanent)

11. Independant Wiiya collecting tool (permanent)

12. Independant Rainbow candy Tool (permanent)

13. Wardrobe of Disguises - usable item - (contact for further details)

14. Box of Wonders - usable item - (contact for further details)

15. Crate of Perfumes - usable item - (contact for further details)

16. Permanent access to Accursed growth interior

About the Feather:

An eagle rules the skies. Majestic. Strong. Refined. The feather helps it fly. It is shed only to be picked up by the wind, to be tossed, to be twirled, to be bullied, to be caressed, to be broken.
Yet, it stays strong, flexible. It stays resilient. 
 The tired wind drops it onto the earth only to be picked up by a child. He marvels at its shape and color. He dreams of touching the sky.
He rushes home and takes it to his father, a writer, who gets inspired by its tale. 
 The father dips it in ink and writes about how it decorates a chief's crown, symbolizing strength, spirituality and courage.
He writes about how it taught Daedalus humility, freedom and ambition.
He writes about the beautiful peacock that spreads its feathers proudly in anticipation of a cleansing rain.
He writes about the lady whose hair it adorns, giving her beauty and grace.
He writes about the soft feather pillows on which the lady rests her head in the night.
He ends his piece with a hope that it'll light up the countless who read it.
And it is this feeling I desire to spread and protect. The feeling of being blessed by the feather of hope.

Small and delicate
Soft and light
Wings of dreams
Wings of flight

Six drops of brilliant ink
Seven lines of story to create
Eight minutes to ponder over
Eight minutes of determined fate

Serenely it floats on stormy waters
Smoothly it glides in the stormy air
Resilient it stays, determined and strong
Resilient it stays, a guiding flare

Life is tough and filled with doubt
Let its tale inspire you to cope
Hear my song of its loyalty and light
Watch me protect the feather of hope.